What is Greatest Around the Poconos?

Greatest Around the Poconos™  is a Greatest Around™ Community Poll.  We are based out of one of the greatest cities on  Earth:  Manhattan, New York.   For each city/market in which  we commit to a long-standing community relationship,  we dedicate between two to four people.  We do so  to ensure  that this mission for that market is met and made  manifest to the community:

At “Greatest Around the Poconos,”  our long-term goal is to bring more commerce, traffic and awareness to your businesses with a yearlong, concerted effort to maintain a dynamic online presence.   This will  allow winners to promote their businesses and services on a fun and interesting website, which the community can also use as a search resource.

There is no fee to be involved in any Greatest Around Community Poll.   Nominees are nominated by the community.  If a nominee receives a certain amount of nominations they move on to the voting period.  At that point, it’s really anyone’s guess whom the community will crown with  the title Greatest Around the Poconos.


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