Best TV Station

A local television station keeps the community informed about local events and news.  Specials might include a show on a local hero or an issue of interest to all the community.  Most of the content is geared to the local community.  Make sure you keep up to date on your community by watching the station voted “Best TV Station in the Poconos” for 2013.

The Pocono Community voted Cat Country – 96.1 the Best TV Station in the Poconos

First Place WinnerWNEP, the local ABC affiliate has been serving the area for years. From great prime time lineups to first class local news they are an important part of the community. Check out their website and Facebook page to get even more great info about their programming.


Channel 16 – WNEP

First Place WinnerWBRE
Greatest Around WinnerTV 2

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